Jazz Alley 

(Written out of the inspiration of “Dancing at Jazz Alley, Chicago, Illinois” by Roland L. Freeman)

Jumpin’ and jammin’ all night
while sax and trumpet players purge emotions
we’ve all felt for quite sometime
we feel what they feel
they feel what we feel
we can all finally release the tension
for tonight
and smile together
here in this club
not a single worry
just fun

We sway and sway
to the rhythm of Billie Holiday
in high heels and leather loafers
on floors of distractions
that distract us
from the dissatisfactions
of factions formed against us
we still smile
after various trials and tribulations
no hiatus
we keep going
like the music
flowing and flowing
into crafted tunes of overwhelmingly political consciousness and questioning
we dance
because WE CAN
and the livin’ is getting easier
at least for now
so we smile
in this room that runs deep with pride
we forget the prejudice
as sweet melodies become medicine
nothing surrounds us
except black, beautiful, melanin
and music which reflects intelligence

a temporary happiness.


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