Who are you? 

I never knew that woman 

only when she came to visit on some holidays,

she never stayed 

my aunt would often say her mind wasn’t in the right place 

and it wasn’t 

downing bottles by the dozen 

and on top of that she was never sane 

her disorder had replaced her brain 

I was ashamed to call her what she was to me

she would linger out in the streets as if she never had

a place to call home 

or people who loved her.

I didn’t know if I had or had not 

I still donot know today,

she never showed up,

to any birthdays or games 

only when she needed 

a few things 

then back out into the world she would be 

I sometimes seen her out panhandling 

as if she had to,

then I’d keep driving 

as if she was just another panhandler,

to me 

she was just that.

I sometimes wonder if my days will be shorter 

because of how I view her,

a stranger 

in my eyes

I sometimes want to empathize 

but I cannot sympathize,

with her

my reasoning will not let me 

nor will my emotions become accepting 

I feel nothing


people tell me we resemble 

not on the interior

I’ll never be like her there.


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