“No Inspiration”

I’m feeling down 
I might as well be drowning 
Cause everybody around me ain’t around me 
Feel alone cause even tho they’re there 
They don’t surround me 
Feeling lost 
Somebody return me to the lost n found please
I can’t see where I’m headed 
These days are dreadful 
Juggling a handful 
Stressing cuz it’s stressful 
I’m trying my best but damn the things that life hands you 
I don’t get it 
Cuz if I did I would be somewhere legit 
And I can’t take none of this shit 
It feels like life put me here just to abandon me 
An unethical parent –apparently 
I wish life was transparent 
Because I need to see if my struggles are gonna equal success 
But I guess 
I’m just normal 
Cuz everybody doesn’t know what tomorrow is gonna bring 
It’s like these days go by and I don’t see a change in any of the things 
That I do 
I’m still trying to do the math 
Cuz it feel like something didn’t add 
Where did I go wrong 
Where is my half 
Guess i should subtract that cuz I feel like it’s not coming 
Swear sometimes it feels like I been running an endless marathon 
And there is no finish line 
Cuz I been praying hard and on my grind 
But I haven’t seen any results 
And these are just my thoughts. 

—————-“No Inspiration”———


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