“Caught Up”

You see every time I see you You end up into me

But together … No we’ll never be 

Because I’m just fucking you 

And you’re just fucking me

No feelings here 

But when we meet its nothing but feeling here and feelin there 

And there’s no morning after because nights don’t last 

We barely talk 

Just hi and hands start touching on ass 

Then the rest is history 

Your real name is even a mystery 

When I see you out in public I don’t know you 

You don’t speak to me

But your who I open my legs up to 

Who I get in bed with 

When it’s over you leave 

But before you go 

I know right…. Pass the weed 

Until one day you drop your seeds 

And she no longer bleeds 

Then you regret the deeds and the flings 

That caused this off breed 

And now you got mouths to feed 

That you weren’t expecting 

You can’t neglect them because they can’t afford to be neglected 

That’s what these niggas forget 

And if you hadn’t laid down with this bitch Then you wouldn’t be here 

If you had of maybe strapped it up 

Then there wouldn’t be fear 

In you and in her 

Got you thinking damn 

I should’ve just been a queer 

But what the fuck did you think would happen 

You thought you’d continue hitting her 

And them laps wouldn’t be adding 

Now you wanna disappear 

Fuck you think you is … Aladdin …fucking jasmine 

It don’t work out that way 

Cause now you caught up and that baby’s expected in May 

You try to deny it 

No way 

But little do you know she’s not even fucking with anyone else but you 

So this isn’t a maybe it’s a definitely 

Shouldn’t have never been doing the do 

That first time naw maybe that 10th should have been your cue 

How did you expect this not to happen 

When you let it all loose 

A one night stand turned into many off the goose 

And now your caught up and their ain’t no getting off the hook 

Wish you could go back to that day and hope you didn’t give her that look 

cause now your getting read and you can’t escape this book


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