“I am more than a test score”

I am more than a test score because a score doesn’t define my knowledge Whether good or bad

A number is just not who I am

You see I am much more than that

because I can multiply & divide

Add & subtract




I can be Trigonomical

I can read a book from the front page to the hard covered back

& common sense can still be quite lacked
What is sense w/o it being common?

It’s like a fish who has enough water but can still end up dying

& a bird who has wings but still won’t fly &&

My mind has the advantage of going beyond its vicinity for me to learn things & reach new heights I have never seen

Because my brain goes beyond the classroom

My intelligence is real

I have talents & I am gifted

We all know knowledge is power

But what is knowledge w/o experience


It’s not always about a score on a sheet
It’s society’s way of keeping you a statistic

So they can label you with the smart & the not so smart characteristics

So you can stress in the furthermore sense that in the sense of your minds strength & presence is not the correct Essence

Debate with yourself

Which university should I apply for next

Will they want me ?

It causes you to under estimate yourself

But you are more than that

You are…

An achiever in & out of a desk


More than all the studying you do & late nights spent with red bull & caffeine

trying to stay awake to reach a dead line in the early morning

Frantically Rushing out of your dormitory

You are an overachiever of your own establishment

& you are more than right & wrong

You are not a test score


One thought on ““I am more than a test score”

  1. This poem is so dope because it’s so real it resonates with me on a deep level because I constantly feel that way and Ik others do as well!!


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