“Why I Choose to be a Stereotype” 

I strut around with my pants beneath my ass and ride with my music on full blast.

I must be a threat.

To society, I wouldn’t last.

25 years –My limit.

It doesn’t matter if God didn’t give it.

What I look like isn’t what I am like.

You judge me unwillingly knowing my capabilities.

I am not a product of my environment.

I choose to look the way that I do because the priceless stares from you inspire it.

Not knowing that inside I am powerful beyond measure.

Filled with benevolence.

My appearance does not speak for my intelligence.

I choose to be a stereotype because it confirms that stereotypes still exist.

The way people look at one another and still believe “that” & “this”

Base a whole race off me, because I represent everybody

what a close-minded thing.


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